We aim to meet your needs and those of our community!

I am AN Hoksan from Prek Toal village, a Locally Owner and Managing Director of “Prek Toal Tours & Travel” and “Prek Toal Home Stay”.

I was lucky to grow up in Prek Toal, a beautiful floating village, where my life skills helped me to gain a successful education and experiences from the village and in nearby Siem Reap.

As a family business that 100% is supports into our local community, we will introduce you to our family, our community, our country and best meet your individual needs and wishes.

As we are a private tour and we want to share with you at personalized experience for every arrangement.

Now I look forward to welcoming you and your family and friends to share our village’s charms and community and all that Cambodia has to offer. We put together a wonderful, exciting and rewarding experience for you in Cambodia, including the unique opportunity to enjoy our Prek Toal hospitality.

To really understand our history, how Cambodian people live and understand the challenges and joys each local experience, we believe the only way is for you to come and be welcomed into our community and our country.

All this combination with the experience of villagers’ life among the wildlife conservation area in our large inland lake, Tonle Sap, will give you a very good understanding of what it is to be a Cambodian in the floating village.

We know that you will fall in love with our community and our country. For every time you visit and take tours with us, it means you are also helping our community to be sustained for the future.

Our Services

We offer our guests a wide range of experiences!

With our experiences and expert in travel arrangements, you will be enjoyed with our local speaking guide at a unique experience of the floating village tours, Prek Toal Homestay, Volunteering tours and Bird watching tours.

We also create personalized experiences of the Khmer cooking class, Yoga retreat, Biking for health & tours and to all Ancient temple tours with our many languages temple speaking tours guides.

With the world heritage of the ancient temples of Angkor Wat and its surrounds, we will introduce you to the rich and diverse culture of the Cambodian people.

Accommodation & Travel

We offer packages experience for your holiday trip!

With over seven years of our hotels hospitalities and community development experiences, we are recommended to you a variety of accommodation venues, which will be matched with your budget, ranking from homestay to five stars hotels, inbound and outbound of Cambodia.

One of the many charms of Cambodia is a variety of transport and we encourage our guests to take an experiment and enjoy the variety; it’s depending on your available times and dates.

Holiday packages with sightseeing and experiences to suitable to your individual style and budget ranges.

Special events & Occasions

Make your event memorable!

We worked with our many year’s experiences partners for all events arrangements include business meetings or conferences at the well-appointed hotels in Cambodia to match your budget and needs.

Many families are coming to Cambodia to celebrate family events, such as weddings, special birthdays and reunions. It is an ideal location for this and we can manage all your needs and help your group to enjoy it all.

Please contact us for your future arrangement event including prices.