Prek Toal

Tours and Travel in Siem Reap, Cambodia

We are Prek Toal Tours & Travel (owned by the villagers)

Prek Toal Tours & Travel is a family business. We are focused on the sustainable development of our unique floating village. Our aim is to share the total experience of Prek Toal village and its environment as you learn about our culture.

The tours we offer our guests give extra income to the local villagers and support their family’s life into the future. Guests will have a unique experience at Prek Toal village that they will never forget it.

Because it takes a little bit longer to get to Prek Toal and the journey might be more challenging, it may cost a little more.

However it is worth paying a little more for a very different experience. Guests will know that their payment is making a big contribution to the future of our unique Prek Toal community.

Our Vision
Quality service, community development and value for money for a unique experience.

Our Mission
We will provide every guest with an experience they will never forget, while enabling the development of our villagers to increase skills and create jobs to support a growing economy.

Our three main goals – Prek Toal Tours & Travel’s point of difference from other tour operators.

1. We aim to be the best provider of cultural travel experiences in Cambodia, providing the highest level of quality, value for money, flexible and friendly service and constantly creating innovative, new experiences.

2. We continually create new destinations and experiences for our guests to help our floating villages and farmers, by providing jobs and sharing the benefits of our growth.

3. We will share our Khmer culture and traditions with our guests, ensuring minimal impact of tourism on our society.