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Mr. Hoksan AN, Prek Toal village
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Family of Mr. Hoksan AN, Prek Toal village
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Family of Mr. Hoksan AN, Prek Toal village
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Sophal PHENG, Siem Reap
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Viriya OK, Chef in Siem Reap
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Ms. Chenda AN, Prek Toal village

Our Prek Toal Tours Team (PTT Team)

Hello! I am Hoksan AN, from Prek Toal floating village, Cambodia and I am the Managing Director of locally owned Prek Toal Tours & Travel and Prek Toal Home Stay.

My parents and their parents were born in this village. My father and my mother were married during the Pol Pot genocide in the 1970s. I have 3 sisters; one older sister and two young sisters. Our family has gained its livelihood from fishing for many years.

I have tertiary qualifications in business and have built a good international network with many years’ experience working in the hospitality and travel industry.

I have set many goals for our tour and travel business that takes its name from my village, Prek Toal;

  1. To shares our Prek Toal community to the world
  2. To share our rural lifestyle - our culture and day-by-day living on the floating houses
  3. To create more job opportunities for Prek Toal villagers to get extra income to support their family lives to supplement income from fishing
  4. To give value to our guests by making arrangements to join our tours, to build and repair houses for our needy families.

We are always looking for sponsors to support to our students in the village, so that they can continue their studies from primary school to university, as I have done.

A big part of your experience is the opportunity for you to make a real difference to the lives of the people in our village. Your visit to our village will help our villagers to get a better life and encourage them to build a good future for their families.

I have a strong belief in helping our community to grow with your support to us.


Sophal PHENG is a Tours Operation and Assistant Director for Prek Toal Tours & Travel and Prek Toal Home Stay.

Sophal has over five years’ experiences working in the hospitality and travel industry. He is responsible for leading and supporting service quality enhancement with touring and maintaining positive relationships with guest(s) and our team.

Virya OK, has over six years’ experiences working as a chef for restaurants in Siem Reap. He has wonderful experience in Khmer cooking and knows a lot about how the flavors and aromas are created to leave the diner wanting more. He also has experience with western and international foods Italian pizza. He will support us in teaching Khmer cooking class to our guest(s) using speciality Khmer foods and spices.

Viriya graduated from the Ecole d’Hôtellerie et de Tourisme | Paul Dubrule (www.ecolepauldubrule.org) in Siem Reap.


We encourage you to join us and our villagers to not only learn about life in the floating village, the wonders of the Angkor Wat region and the Khmer culture and society, but to provide our villagers with the means to financial security. They can then continue with their traditional jobs like fishing, farming and house maintenance so that their way of life is not lost or threatened.

“100% of our revenue is invested back into the local Prek Toal community!”