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Prek Toal Tours & Travel was created and founded by a local villager from Prek Toal, Mr. Hoksan, from 1998 till now. Hoksan was lucky to grow up in Prek Toal, a beautiful floating village, where my life skills helped me to gain a successful education and experiences from the village and in nearby Siem Reap.

Prek Toal Tours & Travel is a local not-for-profit community tours, and 100% focused on the sustainable development of our unique floating village. Our aim is to share the total experience of our community and its environment as you learn about our culture. The tours we offer our guests give extra income to people in the community and support them into the future. Guests will have a unique experience at Prek Toal hospitality that they will never forget.

We are a small boutique tours and travel company. As such we can best meet your individual needs and wishes.


100% investment in our community to make it strong and sustainable.


  1. give our guests outstanding holiday experiences by introducing them to the real rural life of our community
  2. provide quality services to address of guests’ needs.
  3. give our community a more sustainable future by bringing guests to our village.
  4. identify community-based projects for a local non-profit organization of Prek Toal, Moving Ahead (PTMA).


  • Trust – we build trust among our providers, suppliers, customers and colleagues.
  • Respect – we ensure that we always show honesty, integrity with all our stakeholders.
  • Value for money – we understand our guests’ needs and work with our suppliers to ensure guest’s needs are met with good value for money.


  1. We are locally owned from this village and we know our community well.
  2. We work in trust and honestly with guests and partners
  3. Our aims are to share our village through Prek Toal Home Stay and teach others about our unique environment through bird watching with our local guides.
  4. Guests’ payments directly contribute to the development of our Prek Toal community. When people book with us they invest in our community. We do this through the projects of Prek Toal, Moving Ahead (PTMA).
  5. Hoksan’s goal is to follow his parents’ advice to help people with extra income to have a better future. We don’t do business to get richer. We work together to give our community hope.


  • “A unique experience with a passionate guide.”
  • “A genuine, ethical tour experience, sustainably supporting the local community.”
  • “Excellent tours; genuinely improving community life in Cambodia.”
  • “Hoksan is passionate about his community and the environment.”
  • “Great wildlife & local culture experience.”
  • “A true highlight and special experience.”
  • “5-star service on an ecologically responsible tour.”
  • “One of our best experiences in Cambodia.”
  • “ An eye-opening experience.”
  • “Our best memory from Cambodia.”


We work closely with local travel agencies both inbound and outbound, offering corporate rates and tours’ schedule details. It is important that guests and travellers are provided with the best guides who know their area of expertise. Unlike some tour companies, all our guides know our community well, because they are part of it and aim to make a contribution to the future of our community. Our tours are specialty tours, requiring specialty guides.

We arrange the best rates for agencies who work with us as a partner so we all get benefit, which will then pass on to our community.

As a member of our growing tourism industry, Prek Toal Tours and Travel hopes guests will try to arrange your services in the best ways. We encourage guests to get the best guide who can give the best information and who has the best knowledge about our heritage listed environment and its birds. We look forward to working with guests to give them the best experience.

We hope to continually build close business partnerships and trust to help our local agencies in Cambodia. We hope to see all local tour companies display the interests of the community and the customers in their heart.